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Android emulator to run smartphone apps and games in PC
Guest #44121879 — 7 months ago
this is amazing
Ala Eddine Bouchareb — 10 months ago
I'm enjoying Android on my PC.
Guest #37751444 — 2 years ago
This app takes more time to download.
Prudhvik Chirunomula — 2 years ago
I already have BlueStacks on my computer. Now for installing updates, I'm unable to do it. The administrator window is getting opened, and it's terminating while I allow it to run. So I tried to uninstall the previous BlueStacks which is already available on my computer. Then came the problem. Error 2318. Please help me get through it!
Guest #32688582 — 2 years ago
It didn't work on my Windows 7 Ultimate. It keeps saying graphics, blah-blah. What to do?
Techie — 2 years ago
Its actual size has increased to 200-250 MB due to some new features. Now, depending on the Internet speed, the download will take its time. For example, 1. if your Internet speed is 1 MB per second :) , the download will end in 4 to 5 minutes. 2. if your Internet speed is 15 KB per second :( , the download will take 4 to 5 hours to install.
dennis b praise — 2 years ago
Installation is taking too long, and I don't think it's gonna to work.
Guest #35939896 — 2 years ago
Can it work without graphic card in window 7?
k2kaveh — 4 years ago
Very often when I'm using bluestacks while playing my favorite games, this app just hangs.
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